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Cabrera National Park

Cabrera is situated 11 miles from the south coast of Majorca. It is one of the most spectacular and amazing spots in the Mediterranean. Cabrera is an archipelago made up of 19 islands and 12 islets. It was declared a Maritime-Terrestrial National Park in 1991.

Visiting Cabrera is the closest thing to time travel. There, you can enjoy the Mediterranean landscape it its purest form, just like our grandparents did. In Cabrera you can visit the castle that welcomes visitors when they enter the harbour, swim surrounded by fishes in amazing clear water, take part in some of the guided tours to discover the interior of the island and its local flora and fauna, go into the famous “Blue Cave” on board of a boat or watch dolphins jumping around while you travel from Colònia de Sant Jordi to the archipelago… Don’t miss these wonderful experiences.

There are daily boat tours to Cabrera that start at the harbour of Colònia de Sant Jordi, located just 9.3 miles from our hotel. For more information, please visit: